XX.           The origins of metallurgy                                                                            

XXI.          The eschatological tablets of the Hyperboreans                                                     

XXII.         Chalkeios Kion – the tall copper column from the region of Atlas mountains (Olt)

XXIII.        The huge krater on the Sky Column in the Carpathians                              


XXIV.           Stele Chryse Megale – the great Gold column, consecrated to Uranos, Saturn

and Jove.


XXIV.1.     Evhemerus about the great Gold column, consecrated to Uranos, etc.                       

XXIV.2.     The country of Uranos, in the region of Atlas mountains.                           

                                        Evhemerus’ Arabia felix, near the river Oceanos (Istru)                              

XXIV.3.     The island called Panchea (Peuce) in Evhemerus’ sacred history               

XXIV.4.     Olympos Triphylius in Panchea island                                                                    


XXV.        Gaea’s gold apples                                                                                     


XXVI.       Chryseion Koas - The golden fleece consecrated to the god Mars (Marte),

                                        in the mountainous region called Colchis (Colti)


XXVI.1.     The Greek legend about Phrixus and Helle. The Argonauts depart for Colchis

XXVI.2.     The mountainous region called Colchis, near the Lower Istru                    

XXVI.3.     The capital and residence of King Aietes (Dia, Dioscurias, Sevastopolis,

    Today Tirighina)

XXVI.4.     The golden fleece, as sacred object of the Pelasgian pastoral and agricultural tribes

XXVI.5.     The Argonauts steal the golden fleece and turn towards Hellada.                             

                            The two prehistoric courses of the Istru, one towards Adria (Adrian),

                                        the other towards the Euxine Pontos

XXVI.6.     An enormous multitude of inhabitants from Aietes’ kingdom pursue the Argonauts to the          

                                        Adriatic Sea. They settle in Istria. The origin and language of the Istrien Romanians.

                                        The origin and language of the Istrian Romanians.

XXVI.7.     The legend about the stealing of the golden fleece, in heroic Romanian songs.

XXVI.8.     Medea in traditional Romanian songs                                                         

XXVI.9.     A trace of the names of the Argonaut heroes, in Romanian traditional songs.

XXVI.10.   Nephele or Nebula in Romanian traditions.                                     

XXVI.11.   Phrixus (Phrixios), an ancient patronymic name, at north of the Lower Danube

XXVI.12.   Helle’s legend in the Romanian version                                                                  


XXVII.       Ephaistos. Volcanus – his country and his famous masterpieces in Romanian traditions


XXVIII.    The Arimaspian or Hyperborean treasure from Petrosa


XXVIII.1.  The village Petrosa (Pietroasa) and its archaeological importance.

                The discovery of the treasure

XXVIII.2.  The large discus from the Petrosa treasure. (I. Discus sive lanx).   

XXVIII.3.  The platter (II. Patera, Phiale) decorated with figures, representing the festival of the

                Hyperboreans in honour of the Great Mother (Mammes vindemia).

    Ianus (‘Iaon,’ Ion) figured on the platter from Petrosa, as the first king of the Hyperboreans.

XXVIII.4.   The fibula in the shape of a phoenix (III. Fibula maior)                                             

XXVIII.5.   The torc with inscription (VII – Torques)                                                     


XXIX.        Sidereiai Pylai -The Iron Gates.                                                                   

XXX.        Rings with gems from the rock of Prometheus